We offer psychological counseling for anyone who feels trapped by their current situation. You will feel relief by just talking about what is going on and how you feel about it. Next we look at the possible inner sources of the problem. Is it a pattern in your life or are you suffering from an external circumstance? Our goal is to help you (re)discover something about yourself that makes you feel whole again.

What is Jungian Analysis?

In Jungian analysis, we try to help bring the individual into relationship with the unconscious and thus to realization of his or her unique purpose in life. The work is intensive and deeply personal. It is foremost a personal journey of transformation and a confrontation with the Unconscious - a journey which Jung called the Individuation Process. The often tumultuous path, one which leads us into both personal and archetypal complexes, is supported every step of the way by our mutual relationship.

How is Jungian Analysis Different from Psychotherapy?

The central focus of the analysis lies in working with client’s dreams. Jung considered dreams a natural psychic phenomenon depicting the unknown, inner situation of the dreamer, a direct expression of the current condition of dreamer’s psyche (mental world). Dreams also have a prospective function. They are messages from the unconscious that can indicate the neurotic deficiencies of conscious life, point the way toward a broader perspective, facilitate a completely new attitude, and unleash creative potential.


In Jung’s view, dreams express not just personal material, but also collective or universal contents. Dreams frequently contain archetypes, the universal patterns that comprise the collective unconscious and the archetypal images found in dreams can provide the dreamer with special insights and guidance along the path toward self-realization. Together, we will study the maps of dream and fantasy material, and sometimes use comparative mythology and religion, and fairy and folk tale to shed light in the hidden recesses of the soul.