What is Dream Interpretation?

In Jungian analysis, dreams are an objective source of information about the underlying, unconscious nature of both our personality and our life situations. They can reveal what we cannot, or refuse, to see about ourselves or others. Dream interpretation can lend insight into our most resistant patterns of behavior and help guide us into new, more flexible ways of being in the world. Sometimes dreams can unveil a hidden causality in personality dysfunctions, or, shed the light of meaning in the darkness of our suffering. Dream interpretation is an integral part of Jungian psychotherapy. When we do not have access to dreams, we have ways of opening those seemingly closed doors, helping to establish the much-needed relationship between individuals and their dreams.

How Dream Interpretation Works

We ask our clients to keep the best record they possibly can of their dreams and bring them into each session. Dream analysis works best in conjunction with a daily journal, so that we can keep track of the events, encounters, thoughts, and emotions to which the dream may be responding. Dreams speak in a symbolic language, most often very specific to the individual dreamer. When the symbol has no conscious association for the person, we then move into the realm of archetypal symbolism through a process of amplification. Together, we can study the maps of other dream and fantasy material, comparative mythology and religion, and even, fairy and folk tale to help shed light on the unknown meaning in particular symbols. To understand the meaning of a dream is to access its innate healing element.