The Ego: Why We Need It

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The ego gets a pretty bad rap these days. People say things like “It’s just ego,” as though the ego were something we could just dispense of at will. As the center of our conscious mind, the ego is a psychological necessity. Perhaps a lot of what people say today comes from the influx of Eastern philosophy. We should remember that the idea of the dissolution of the ego arose in a different cultural context. […]

Meditation: How to control the mind

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Meditation and Psychological Transformation Before I finally answered my calling in Jungian Analysis and counseling, I practiced and taught psychotherapeutic yoga and bodywork. Meditation was a big part of that. I realize saying psychotherapeutic in this context might sound pretentious, but it’s the honest truth. I saw the people I worked with, both students and clients, go through unimaginable psychological transformations from movement and bodywork. They gave up addictions or some other bad habit.  People got themselves […]

Breathing Meditation

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The way of experience begins with a breath such as the breath you are breathing now. Awakening into the luminous reality may dawn in the momentary throb between any two breaths.  – Loren Roche, Radiance Sutras The Breath as Lifeforce You may wonder why I chose to use this particular image to talk about a breathing exercise.  If we stop breathing, what happens?  Simply speaking:  breath is life. It is no wonder that the word […]

Breathing exercise: How bad breath causes pain in the neck

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Okay, so this is a cute play on words. I’m pulling this old article out my archives because the information in it is still relevant to psychotherapy. Learn to breathe properly and you can not only relieve yourself of pain, but also learn to calm yourself in the midst of chaos.  Furthermore, if you are interested in meditation, proper breathing is the first place you can start your practice. Do you have bad breath? Before […]

Jungian Archetypes: The Shadow

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What is the Shadow Archetype? The Shadow is something about ourselves of which we are unconscious.  It is not the way we act when no one is looking.  It’s the way we act when everyone is looking!  The Shadow is an archetype that is an aspect of our personal unconscious.  That is, the Shadow is something related to unrecognized aspects our personality.   These aspects of our personality have an autonomy about them, meaning that they “act […]

Letting Go of the Past

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Letting go of your past isn’t about forgetting it, or even forgiving it (though the latter has its psychological benefits).  Letting go of the past is more about letting go of wishing it had been something else. Many people hold on to their past like a crutch.  Unknowingly, they use it as an excuse for their current state of hopelessness in life.  This is no course for future happiness, much less success.  Clinging to the […]

Your True Potential

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Every one is born with true potential. Unfortunately, due to various life circumstances, not everyone realizes their true potential. I think this is very sad. Imagine if someone like Michelangelo grew up in a bad home and never even realized that he could paint or sculpt. The Extraordinary Power in a Seed Have you ever really considered the utter magnificence of a tiny seed?  Everything that the seed will become – a beautiful flower, a flowing […]

Anxiety and Depression: A Jungian Perspective

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From the Jungian point of view, psychological suffering is a signal that something in us needs some attention, and certain states of anxiety and depression are no exceptions.  I have learned more about myself in times of confusion and despair than from any others. It took me a while to understand my psychological pain from this perspective, but when I finally got it, it changed the way I saw my anxiety and depression.  If we […]

Can Meditation Really Change the World?

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If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. – Dalai Lama Can meditation really change the world or are the Dali Lama’s visions of a world living in peace the dreamlike visions of John Lennon?   Meditation Changes Our Brain Structure Meditators and yogis have been saying for eons that meditation makes us happier, calmer, and more compassionate toward others. Other reported […]

Reflections on the Red Book: Living in a Material World

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My soul spoke to me in a whisper, urgently and alarmingly: “Words, words, do not make too many words. Be silent and listen: have you recognized your madness and do you admit it? Have you noticed that all your foundations are completely mired in madness?” C.G. Jung – The Red Book  [HI 108] Not only are we unconsciously drawn inward where we are driving down the road and forgetting the journey or engaged in internal […]