English-Speaking Counseling & Jungian Analysis in Zurich

You will not be charged for your first counseling session.  That way, we can freely explore the possibilities of working together.  If we take the next step together and begin the work of Jungian analysis, counseling or dream interpretation, then what is most important is that we establish an atmosphere of trust, open-mindedness, and absolute freedom for you to speak about whatever you want to bring into each session - the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes, even the unthinkable.  We will explore all aspects of your life, such as your past and how it relates to your present; the contents of your inner dialogues and fantasies; your daily interactions; and your dream life.  Throughout the process, we are always on the watch for hidden meaning and unrealized potential.  The best way to approach Jungian analysis or dream interpretation is for us to meet weekly, though in some cases, twice per week can be helpful - especially in times of crisis. This work is not easy.  We will have ups and downs, but if you are committed to your process, you will transform not only your life, but also the lives of those around you.  This is the way we change the world - through our individual work.

If for some reason, you feel that you cannot work with one of us, we will happily refer you to someone else who does counseling or traditional psychotherapy in Zurich.  

How We Work

Jungian Analysis

A depth-psychological approach suffering and personal development, whose first aim is to realize and integrate the unconscious parts of one’s personality.



Dream Interpretation & Analysis

Dreams build the bridges between who we we think we are and who we really are: through dream interpretation and analysis, one can gain the insight and wisdom to know the difference.


Psychoeducation is for those who are not psycho-therapeutically inclined, but who would like to understand more about the subtle, inner workings of their mind, and thus, foster psychological development.

** Free initial consultation for counseling in Zurich **

We counsel clients in the following areas and more:



Communication issues

Life after divorce

Affairs – recovery or split

Family crisis






Transforming destructive patterns

Loss of meaning or purpose

Isolation and loneliness


Life transitions

Ex-Pat reorientation





Chronic fear

Burnout or loss of energy

Guilt and unworthiness

Social dysfunction




Unconscious processes behind recurring thoughts

How unresolved emotions affect your life

What is behind the inability to concentrate or focus

How to shift your perspective

How to better understand people


Why do I suffer?  Why am I here? What is happening to me?

In psychological terms, we call a state of inner turmoil a crisis.  It can be triggered by any number of life’s events - a broken relationship, a job loss, a sudden death, or an illness, or, it can just spontaneously emerge from within us.  A crisis is symptomized by prolonged states of depression, angst, or a vague feeling of discontentedness.  A real psychological crisis is a shattering experience. It breaks down everything around which we have built our self-concept, leaving us like broken bits of glass, no longer capable of containing anything or serving any purpose.  If you are here, we consider this a real moment of truth in your life - a divine calling for transformation.  

We know from personal experience that the answers you seek are already in you.  You only need to learn how to listen and watch for them.  We work with the intention of drawing you into a direct relationship with your deepest, personal wisdom - what C.G. Jung called the Self.  This is a center from which you can face anything that happens in your life, no matter what that is.  Living from this center not only lends you an incredible strength, but also draws unimaginable synchronicities into your life. 

Ready to get started?

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