Counseling in Zurich

Individual Counseling

Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, or loss of meaning?  Are you struggling with a lack of confidence or low self-esteem?  Do you feel stuck?  You are not alone. These are common and recurrent problems that all of us experience. How we respond to these problems determines who we become. True mental health does not mean the absence of life’s difficulties. Rather, it means that you have the capacity to endure what comes your way – no matter how painful or devastating.  When you can face life’s problems from this perspective, you grow both emotionally and spiritually, something which allows you to develop your fullest potential.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

People enter into relationship and marriage counseling for a number of reasons – poor communication, infidelity, or lack of intimacy to name only a few.  No matter what your particular relationship problem is, couples counseling can help you gain insight into the underlying dynamics of your interactions with each other, something which serves you not only as a couple, but also as individuals. 

Dream Interpretation

Are you interested in learning more about what your dreams mean? Dream interpretation can lend insight into our most resistant patterns of behavior and help guide us into new, more flexible ways of being in the world. The goal of dream analysis is to integrate the dream material into our conscious lives, something that broadens our perspective and enriches our lives. We also offer dream groups.

What is Anxiety?

Healthy anxiety can cause just enough tension to force us into action, such as working late to finish a project for work or staying home to study for an exam. However, unhealthy anxiety keeps us from being able to do anything, mostly out of fear. The most common components of chronic anxiety are constant, generalized fear and worry about life.

What is Depression?

Depression is not the opposite of happiness. Depression is a loss of your precious vitality. It is the inability to find joy in the things that once made you happy. Depression makes even the simplest of daily activities too exhausting to even think about. More than a passing state of mind, depression becomes a way of perceiving one’s life as hopeless, aimless, or meaningless.


Stress is a natural biological response that prepares our body to face or flee an enemy, however, our bodies are not designed for long periods of stress. Many people today are experts at being stressed out, and without knowing it they are doing untold damage to themselves, both physically and psychologically. If you are looking for ways to learn how to relax and manage stress, psycho-education can not only lend insight into the sources of your stress, but it can also give you the coping skills you need to calm yourself in any situation. 

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Counseling & Jungian Analysis in Zurich

You will not be charged for your first counseling session. That way, we can freely explore the possibilities of working together.  If we take the next step together and begin the work of Jungian analysis, counseling or dream interpretation, then what is most important is that we establish an atmosphere of trust, open-mindedness, and absolute freedom for you to speak about whatever you want to bring into each session - the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes, even the unthinkable. We will explore all aspects of your life, such as your past and how it relates to your present; the contents of your inner dialogues and fantasies; your daily interactions; and your dream life. Throughout the process, we are always on the watch for hidden meaning and unrealized potential.  The best way to approach Jungian analysis or dream interpretation is for us to meet weekly, though in some cases, twice per week can be helpful - especially in times of crisis. This work is not easy.  We will have ups and downs, but if you are committed to your process, you will transform not only your life, but also the lives of those around you.  This is the way we change the world - through our individual work.

If for some reason, you feel that you cannot work with one of us, we will happily refer you to someone else who does counseling or traditional psychotherapy in Zurich.  

How We Work

Jungian Analysis

A depth-psychological counseling approach suffering and personal development, whose first aim is to realize and integrate the unconscious parts of one’s personality.



Dream Interpretation & Analysis

Dreams build the bridges between who we we think we are and who we really are: through dream interpretation and analysis, one can gain the insight and wisdom to know the difference.


Psychoeducation is for those who are not psycho-therapeutically inclined, but who would like to understand more about the subtle, inner workings of their mind, and thus, foster psychological development.

The Mind Space

Jungian Archetypes: The Shadow

What is the Shadow Archetype? The Shadow is something about ourselves of which we are unconscious.  It is not the way we act when no one is looking.  It’s the way we act when everyone is looking!  The Shadow is an archetype that is an aspect of our personal unconscious.  That is, the Shadow is something related to unrecognized aspects our personality.   These aspects of our personality have an autonomy about them, meaning that they “act […]

Letting Go of the Past

Letting go of your past isn’t about forgetting it, or even forgiving it (though the latter has its psychological benefits).  Letting go of the past is more about letting go of wishing it had been something else. Many people hold on to their past like a crutch.  Unknowingly, they use it as an excuse for their current state of hopelessness in life.  This is no course for future happiness, much less success.  Clinging to the […]

Your True Potential

Every one is born with true potential. Unfortunately, due to various life circumstances, not everyone realizes their true potential. I think this is very sad. Imagine if someone like Michelangelo grew up in a bad home and never even realized that he could paint or sculpt. The Extraordinary Power in a Seed Have you ever really considered the utter magnificence of a tiny seed?  Everything that the seed will become – a beautiful flower, a flowing […]