C.G. Jung – the man behind the work

International School for Analytical Psychology
ISAP Zurich

Inspired by the work of C.G. Jung and located in Zürich, Switzerland, the International School for Analytical Psychology (ISAP) is an international community of students, teachers, and training analysts who are deeply committed to training and pursuing work in the field of Analytical Psychology, the psycho-dynamic approach to suffering developed by Carl Jung. For those of us who make the sacrifice, studying in Switzerland is an unforgettable, life-changing experience.   Our training is both theoretical and practical.

Through an intensive program of seminars, lectures, written work, and examinations, we prepare for the analytical encounter with patients and clients. We are further primed for this encounter not only through our personal training analysis, but also through internships and clinical supervision. In working with others, we try to help bring the individual into relationship with the unconscious and thus to realization of his or her unique purpose in life. More importantly, like the work we will eventually do with others, our professional training is intensive and deeply personal. It is foremost a personal journey of transformation and a confrontation with the Unconscious – what Jung called the Individuation Process.

Our often tumultuous path, one which leads us into both personal and archetypal complexes, is guided every step of the way by our own analytical process and compassionately supported by our personal Training Analyst.   Through this confrontation with the Unconscious, we develop the capacity for symbolic understanding, an understanding which opens the doors not only to the hidden meaning behind the events in our own lives, but also to the underlying meaning behind the events in our world today.